Antler Sgian Dubhs

Antler Sgian Dubhs offers a range  of handcrafted sgian dubhs that are amongst the highest quality to be found anywhere.

I have maticulously re-created traditional designs as well as introducing some modern ideas.

All my sgian dubhs are made from authentic red deer antler, roe deer antler and polished bull and rams horn.

I have two blade types available: stainless steel with a shiney polished steel finish and damascus steel with its unique pattern caused by the repeated folding of the steel in the blade during manufacture.

Each sgian dubh comes complete with a grade one leather sheath with celtic design, a card, and a beautiful green presentation box embossed with a stags head.

Which ever design you choose, im sure you will be fully satisfied.

Please note as a natural product is being used to create these pieces there will be slight variations in colour and shape no two will be identical each item is unique.